Blockchain Platform for Transparency, Participation, and Airdrops.

Fushuma is a blockchain platform designed for investors, emphasizing transparency, decentralization, and community rewards. Through decentralized governance and community-driven processes, Fushuma democratizes power, ensuring every participant has an equal voice and stake, thus making it a genuinely investor-friendly blockchain platform.

Decentralizing Democracy

Ensuring Equal Voice and Stake for Every Participant

Throughout history, the quest for democracy has often seen power concentrated in the hands of a few, undermining the foundational principle of equal participation for all. Fushuma addresses this age-old challenge by harnessing the power of blockchain technology to realize an ideal of true democracy. The platform ensures that governance is fully decentralized, making it an investor-friendly blockchain platform.

FUMA token holders control the treasury through a transparent, smart-contract-based system, eliminating the possibility of off-chain transactions or OTC deals. By placing the power of fund allocation directly in the hands of its community, Fushuma embodies a new era of democratic governance, where every participant has an equal voice and stake in its future.

how fushuma stands out

Why Fushuma is the Investor-friendly Blockchain Platform

On-Chain Governance

The main role of on-chain governance is allocating the Fushuma treasury, which finances development projects and rewards FUMA holders with guaranteed Airdrops.

Transparent Treasury

40% of the FUMA supply is allocated to the Treasury to fund upgrades and development, ensuring transparency and community involvement in funding decisions.

Community Rewards

FUMA tokens holders benefit from regular Airdrops from projects funded by the Treasury, aligning the success of projects with the community’s interests.

Decentralized Decision-Making

All operational decisions are governed by a DAO, enabling every FUMA token holder to have a voice in the decision-making process.

Experienced Founders

Originating from an established blockchain platform, the Fushuma founders has a proven track record of successful ICOs, partnerships, and security standards.


Participate in a Trully Transparent Investment Blockchain

Blockchain technology addresses the fundamental issues of trust and transparency. Fushuma takes these principles to heart by implementing a fully transparent system for proposal submissions, applications, and funding. The creation of the Fushuma logo, the initial animations, and this webiste are all products of this transparent approach.

By ensuring inclusive participation and fostering community-driven growth, Fushuma establishes itself as an investor-friendly blockchain platform. To further this goal, we aim to accelerate the development of a blockchain ecosystem where the treasury is managed on-chain. FUMA token holders will have the authority to direct the project’s future, ensuring FUMA becomes an autonomous and sustainable ecosystem.

Decentralization is about allowing everyone to participate. If you have skills in development, design, social media management, or any other area that could contribute to Fushuma’s growth, we encourage you to get involved via the Fushuma Improvement Proposals (FIP) or our Collaborative Grants.


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