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News, Updates, and Community Contributions

Inspired by the traditional Japanese concept, Dojo is a place of learning and practice.

The Fushuma Dojo is your hub for the latest updates, open grants, and ways to contribute to the Fushuma community-driven ecosystem.


News, Announcements, and Official Update

  • Illustration of a traditional assembly discussing governance, symbolizing on-chain democracy and decentralized blockchain governance.


June 4th, 2024|Decentralization|

Fushuma combines blockchain technology with democratic values to create a truly decentralized governance model. Through community-driven proposals, fair distribution of tokens, and a focus on security, Fushuma aims to empower every participant.

  • Digital artwork of a traditional Japanese village at sunset, symbolizing the rise of decentralization in cryptocurrency. Features samurai, cherry blossoms, and traditional houses, reflecting traditional values. Includes Fushuma logo.


June 2nd, 2024|Decentralization|

Explore how the rise of decentralization is shaping cryptocurrency. Understand Fushuma’s dedication to fundamental cryptocurrency values, advancing beyond traditional financial systems towards a truly decentralized future.


Fushuma Through the Eyes of The Community

  • A stylized digital artwork inspired by the Cypherpunk Manifesto. It features a central figure standing before digital scrolls and cryptographic codes, symbolizing access to privacy and autonomy. The backdrop merges early digital privacy tools with modern blockchain icons, set against a background of historical documents and futuristic cityscapes, reflecting the evolution of the cypherpunk vision.

Digital Freedom Visionaries

June 19th, 2024|Community Articles|

Explore how digital freedom visionaries transformed cryptography and blockchain with groundbreaking innovations. Discover how Fushuma is building on this legacy to advance privacy and revolutionize decentralized governance.

  • Cartoonish figure controlling puppets with cryptocurrency symbols, representing the need for transparency and decentralization to combat FUD in crypto.

Building Resilience Against Crypto FUD

June 9th, 2024|Community Articles|

Explore how the crypto community can build resilience against FUD by embracing transparency, regular updates, and community empowerment. Read on to understand the impact of misinformation and how to safeguard your crypto project's reputation.

  • A muscular bull boxer standing over a defeated fox boxer in a boxing ring, symbolizing the victory of transparency and decentralization in combating crypto FUD.

Combating Crypto FUD: Knocking Out Misinformation with Transparency

June 5th, 2024|Community Articles|

Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD) can destabilize even strong crypto projects. This article outlines strategies for combating Crypto FUD through transparency and decentralization, promoting trust and reducing misinformation. Learn how community engagement and open communication can protect against the negative impacts of FUD in the cryptospace.


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