The Transparent Platform for Investors, Developers, and THE Community

Fushuma offers a transparent blockchain platform with decentralized governance, empowering investors, developers, and the community. This innovative approach ensures transparency, fairness, and community-driven growth.

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Why Fushuma is Different?


40% of the FUMA supply is allocated to the Treasury to fund upgrades and development. Consequently, this makes Fushuma a self-sustaining blockchain. This empowers the community to make funding decisions transparently.


FUMA holders receive regular token airdrops from projects funded by the Treasury, making every project’s success a win for the whole community.


Operational decisions are governed by a DAO, giving every FUMA holder a voice in the platform’s future.


Fushuma empowers its community to submit, vote on, and apply for grants, with everyone able to track progress in real-time for true transparency.



The Fushuma initiative began with a founding team experienced in blockchain technology, finance, marketing, and community management.

Here’s what the founders have accomplished previsouly:

  • Raised $2.5M from institutional investors.

  • Successfully raised $750K via ICO.

  • Achieved 2 successful blockchain upgrades.

Building on these successes, the Fushuma blockchain platform was initiated with the understanding that active participation from investors and the community is essential at every stage.

What do we stand for?

Fushuma aims to be a decentralized and transparent ecosystem that fuels community-driven growth and innovation.

The vision is to create a sustainable blockchain platform where:

  • Investors can transparently track how their contributions are allocated.

  • Developers are guaranteed fair compensation for their contributions.

  • Community can participate as much as they wish, with the ability to track progress in real-time

Ultimately, the intention is to foster a self-sustaining ecosystem where every participant is rewarded by the collective growth and success on the Fushuma Blockchain Platform.



Vladimir Vencalek is a seasoned executive with extensive experience in blockchain technology and data center development. As COO of Callisto Network in 2023 and CEO from 2021 to 2023, he brought a fresh vision to the ecosystem, securing critical funding for operations and driving the development of decentralized applications and blockchain upgrades.

Founder of the Invictus Group, including Invictus Services and Invictus Mining, Vladimir has led advancements in data centers and blockchain solutions. He co-hosted the popular podcast Krypto Kec and is recognized by CzechCrunch as a top influencer in the Czech Republic.

With over 20 years of experience in ERP and CRM implementations, Vladimir excels as a solution architect, steering complex tech projects to success. His strategic insights and technical expertise are crucial for Fushuma’s growth and operational strategy.

Role and Timeline

  • 2023: COO, Callisto Network

  • 2021-2023: CEO, Callisto Network

  • 2017: Founder, Invictus Mining


  • Founded Invictus group, focusing on blockchain and data center.

  • Recognized as a top influencer by CzechCrunch.

  • Co-authored the popular podcast Krypto Kec.


Laurent is a visionary leader with a robust track record in blockchain management and startup growth.

As CEO of Callisto Network (2023-2024), he drove strategic initiatives and optimized operations, building on his previous roles as Chief Marketing Officer (2021-2023) and Head of Community (2019-2021). Since 2019, Laurent’s leadership has been instrumental in enhancing community engagement and market reach.

His entrepreneurial expertise is demonstrated by founding and managing a transportation startup, which grew to employ 50 people and completed over 500,000 deliveries across France. This comprehensive management experience, from operational supervision to team leadership, is a key asset to Fushuma’s vision.

Role and Timeline

  • 2023-2024: CEO, Callisto Network

  • 2021-2023: CMO, Callisto Network

  • 2019-2021: Head of Community, Callisto Network


  • Founded and managed a start-up with 50 employees, completing over 500,000 deliveries.

  • Enhanced Callisto Network’s operations through strategic marketing and community management.

Dr. ZS

Dr. ZS is a distinguished blockchain technology expert specializing in data networks, cryptography, and applied economic theories. As Senior Blockchain Researcher at Callisto Network (2021-2024), he provided critical insights and in-depth analysis that shaped two blockchain upgrades, several monetary policies, and many improvement proposals.

Dr. ZS holds a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering and focuses his academic and professional pursuits on leveraging advanced mathematical and technological principles to solve complex blockchain challenges.

His profound understanding of these domains drives Fushuma’s commitment to pioneering robust, scalable blockchain solutions.

Role and Timeline

  • 2021-2024: Senior Blockchain Researcher, Callisto Network

  • 2015-2021: Specialist in Mathematics and Technology


  • Provided in-depth analysis and insights into blockchain technology.

  • Specialized in data networks, cryptography, and applied economic theories.